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"I'm an individual looking for items for my family."

The Lighthouse Centre - Twerton - September

Come along to our drop-in toddler groups:

Where? The Lighthouse Centre, Twerton, BA2 1DQ

When? Fridays 10-11am, starting September 10th

What? This is our main Nest drop in centre.

Come along for a cup of tea and some cake whilst the children play. We'll help you order any items you might need for your 0-5 year olds that will be brought along to the group the following week for you. Feel free just to come along for the group, even if you don’t need any items. Everything is completely free.

Mulberry Park Hub - Starting October

Where? Mulberry Park Hub, Twinkles Bump, Babies and Toddlers group

When? Thursdays 10-11:30am

What? Come along to the Twinkles Toddler group for songs,

craft and playing. Snacks for children provided. A Nest Project representative will be there to help you order any items you need for you 0-5 year olds, which will then be brought along the following week, or delivered if it’s a big item.

Feel free to use our service for more items as and when your children grow.

Please note we may not always have all of the items you request, that they will be second hand and not always in perfect condition, and that we don't provide: large furniture, items for children over the age of 5, car seats, jumperoos, formula, food or toys.

‘I'm a teenager-to age 22 mum-to-be’

Where? The Lighthouse Centre, Twerton, BA2 1DQ

When? Fridays 11:30-1pm, starting September 10th

What? Come along to our group on Fridays where our local Lotus midwives will be running antenatal classes.
To book on, please email them directly on

At this session we will also provide tea, cake, maternity clothes and baby items. We'll also help you order any bigger baby items you need which will be brought along to the group the following week. Everything is completely free.

"I'm an agency requesting items for a client."

"Every time I have collected items it feels like getting a present from a caring friend that I then pass on to my clients..."

Please email
Also please note we are not open during the school holidays.